Demokratia crowning the demos. Agora Museum, Athens.

Demokratia crowning the demos. Agora Museum, Athens.

I teach courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels in the areas of the history of political thought (both ancient and modern), American political thought and philosophy, activism and disobedience, theories of nonviolence, and contemporary critical theory. In addition to supervising graduate student research, I am available to serve as an advisor to undergraduate students writing theses in the Government Honors Program on topics related to my areas of expertise.


Recent Undergraduate Courses

GOVT 2655 American Political Thought (HA-AS; HB)

GOVT 3675 Democracy and Its Discontents (HA-AS; HB)

GOVT 3785 Civil Disobedience (KCM-AS)

SHUM 4626 Disobedience, Resistance, Refusal


Recent Graduate Courses

GOVT 6075 Field Seminar in Political Thought (co-taught with Jill Frank)

GOVT 6596 Theories of Non/Violence

GOVT 6606 The Politics of Pragmatism

GOVT 6766 Pluralism